LUX™ CASSEROLE CARRIER (keep your dishes always fresh)😍😍😍
LUX™ CASSEROLE CARRIER (keep your dishes always fresh)😍😍😍

LUX™ CASSEROLE CARRIER (keep your dishes always fresh)😍😍😍

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you’ve baked a giant gratin in a disposable aluminum pan and you’re in the car on the way to the potluck. The pan is bending and flopping all over the place making the ride a very anxious one. Then you arrive, and your cheap aluminum looks a little lackluster on the table.


This ingenious casserole carrier is the perfect size to pop in a standard half pan, ensuring spill-free transportation. You can keep an eye on the inside with the helpful windowed lid. The best part: the window pops out so you can serve right out of the carrier. Fancy, huh?

❄️ For Cold - Place the ice or ice gel pack into the Premium Silicone Casserole Carrier, then put your pan on top of the ice, close the carrier and cover-up by the lid to keep your food cold.

🔥 For Hot -
Our Premium Silicone Casserole Carrier allow food to cool to 300 degrees. However, for long-term use, we recommend that do not place the pan or tray which just take out from the oven, at least let it cold down a while. After you place your pan into the carrier, close it up and cover-up by the lid to keep your food warm.


Transporting food in a flimsy aluminum foil pan can be risky business. You don't want your food to leak all over your car or spill over with every bump. Our Casserole carrier fixes this problem :)

Your foil pan easily slips inside of the casserole carrier and becomes for more portable and stable. You can even serve your food directly from the carrier! It's very convenient. Each carrier comes with a durable lid for added protection and keeping food hot or cold.

When you decide it's time to call it a night, simply lift the foil dish out of the carrier and leave it with your host. No dirty dishes to cart home!


  • PORTABLE: The casserole carrier is stack able and sturdy making it excellent for transporting

  • STYLISH: Turns any old foil pan into something classy and cute

  • SPILL-PROOF: Design allows for safe transport of food and won't leave your casserole smashed or leaking all over the backseat of your car

  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simple wipe out the casserole carrier with a moist cloth

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